Introducing David

David Branford has a passion for electronics, computing and cars, which had led him to joining the team. His role in the team spans across electronics and software telemetry. He is currently working on the electronics for the Investigator and Investigator Mini while studying a Bachelor of Science here at Flinders University.

“An opportunity to participate in a WSC race was too good to pass up. I originally got involved with my final year project: my project partner and I developed a telemetry system from the CAN data all the way through to the UI. I had the opportunity to join the project team while we were working on that and I have stayed on to work on the electronics and telemetry for the golf cart and soon (hopefully) the race car. This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in this prestigious event.”

Introducing Katelin

Katelin Ryle joined the business team in February this year with the responsibility of organising and coordinating content across our various social media presences. Her role involves telling the team’s story to the public in ways that captive and interact with the audience,¬†exploring different ways of achieving a higher post reach and analysing post statistics to gain an insight of what content appeals to an audience. She’s currently in her third year studying a Bachelor of Information Technology (Digital Media) here at Flinders University.

“I was presented with this exciting opportunity to work with¬†the team as work placement for my degree this year, which has allowed me to gain valuable experience in not only managing various social media platforms for an organisation, but also insight into the workings of a business.. all whilst working towards completing my degree.”