FAST Flashback: The Beginning of Our Story

We are continuing a grand tradition of solar car development with our participation in the 2017 Bridgestone Solar Challenge. Flinders University’s history is filled with innovation, research and giving students the opportunities to apply their education. Previously staff, Prof Youngerblood and Prof Whitford joined together in the 1970’s and built 3 electric vehicles; in 1974, the Investigator Mk. I, in 1976, the Investigator Mk. II – and the big brother of them all, in 1977, the Investigator Bedford CF, which was a big van. It is in tribute to the early work of these students and researchers before us that we decided to use the name Investigator. However, it is also the name of the ship that bought Matthew Flinders to South Australia. We have lots of historical connections in a team that is also firmly looking to the future!
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